Labor Law

Useful labor laws to know before starting a business

If you are planning to start a business, whether it is an offline or online venture, it is advisable to consult legal experts or your local governing council to have an idea of regulations and laws that are applicable to your business. From marketing and advertising to intellectual property, and finance to workplace safety laws, you are required to abide to certain regulations and rules. For instance, you must be licensed to carry out business in certain areas.

t3wgefcvywedf7uj22You should note that business laws vary from one state or country to another. Therefore, you should follow due diligence to avoid causing trouble in your business later on. For example, food and beverage businesses must follow food safety laws. Also, export and import businesses must adhere to import and export laws. However, there are certain laws that affect nearly all businesses, for instance labor laws or tax laws.

Labor laws include of laws, rules, decrees, and regulations which involve relation of employers and employees. Some of the common labor laws are working hours, minimum wage, worker’s safety, workers compensation, and child labor. In this post, you will learn about these important labor laws.

Working hours

You should note that working hours range from 10 hours to 16 hours and for six days a week. Nowadays, eight hours a day is the much accepted standard in many countries. However, employees are free to work for extended hours in return for overtime compensation. There are exceptions and this law may not be applicable in certain industries or places. You should ensure working hours are standardized according to applicable laws.

Work safety and health

tg23wefcvyhued8fuuj2Employers are required to provide a safe and conducive working environment for their workers. This is necessary to ensure workers do not get subjected to illness or injuries because of the nature of the job or working conditions. Thus, you should make sure that the required safety measures are implemented and protective gear provided to workers. Moreover, all forms of safety standards should be observed at warehouses, transport, plants, and workplace.

Workers compensation

If a worker suffers an illness or injury, related to work, as an employer you will be required to pay for both medical and rehabilitation costs. Moreover, you may be required to pay disability payments. Workers compensation laws vary from one country to another. Thus, you should consult with local experts rather than relying only on online information.